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Meera Vasudevan Biography, Age, DoB, Shows, Family, Height, Career, Mv

Meera Vasudevan Biography, Age, DoB, Shows, Family, Height, Career, M  .  Meera Vasudevan is an Indian television and film actress and model. she has performed in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films as well as serials. Meera is born on 29 January 1982 in Mumbai but in a Tamil speaking family. Vasudevan and hemalatha are her parents.

Meera is 38 years old now and she celebrated her 38th birthday 2 days before when this article is been posted. her sibling is ashwini.

She holds a bachelor degree in psychology, arts and English literature. She married Vishal aggrawal, s/o director Ashok Kumar in 2006 but they ended the relation in 2010. in 2012 she married john kokken, and has a son name aria john but again because of some clashes she broke up with him.

She always dreamt about being a successful model, and she conquered it. she performed in many adverts. Her campaign with ICC set max turned her life and swayed her for a chance towards the film industry.

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The director Parvathi balagoapalan’s mother noticed her and selected her for the movie RULES(HINDI) in the year 2003. But Telugu film Golmaal was her first film. In the same year, she stepped towards Tamil industry with film UNNAI SARANADAINTHEM. After 2 not-so-hit TELUGU movies, she headed towards Malayalam industry.


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Devi,Penn,Kanalpoovu, Kudumbavil,Chithi 2are some her tele-series she has won the award of best actress Tamil for the special role and Asianet best face of the year. And Check Out Below Meera Vasudevan Biography, Age, DoB, Shows, Family, Height, Career, M

Meera Vasudevan Real Name : Meera Vasudevan

Nick Name : Meera

Short Name : Meera

Height : 5’8

Weight : 55

Face color : White

Hairs Color : Too Black

Legs Color : White

Neck Color : White

Fingers Color : White

Skin : Fair

Eyes Color : Light Black

Meera Vasudevan Place Of Birth : Mumbai

State : Maharashtra

Meera Vasudevan Present Address : Bombay

Country : India

Meera Vasudevan Date Of Birth : 29 January, 1982

Occupation : Actor

Meera Vasudevan: Face Book Id /Meera Vasudevan

Instagramme Id / officialmeeravasudevan

Twitter Id /Meera Vasudevan

Hobbies : Travelling, Reading, Acting

Meera Vasudevan Education : Isn’t Accessible

SSC Name : Isn’t Accessible

College Name : Not Known

Pg College Name :Not Known

Degree College Name : Not Known

Inter College Name : Not Known

Meera Vasudevan Age : 25

Meera Vasudevan Father Name :Isn’t Accessible

Mother Name : Isn’t Accessible

Wife Name : Not Known

Sisters Name : Isn’t Accessible

Marriage Date : Not Known

Grand Father Name : Not Known

Favourite Colour : Red

Meera Vasudevan Favourite Destination : US

Grand Mother Name : Isn’t Accessible

Grand Father Name : Not Known

Best Place : India

Boy Friend Names : Isn’t Accessible

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Meera Vasudevan Biography, Age, DoB, Shows, Family, Height, Career, Mv

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