Mukku Avinash Biography, Biodata, Height, Wife, Age, Profile, doB

Mukku Avinash Biography, Biodata, Height, Wife, Age, DoB, Family, BMW|

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Mukku Avinash Biography

Mukku Avinash was born on Karimnagar District , state of telangana, Mukku Avinash date of birth is not updated, we have update soon, Mukku Avinash is massive actor in Telugu film industry. Mukku Avinash place of birth is karimnagar district local residence.

Mukku Avinash Education Qualification is a , He studied B.Tech in Civil at the Holy Mary Technology college in Hyderabad, Telangana state, this college is very chipped in the Hyderabad, and his completed in intermediate from Oxford College in Karimnagar district. Afterwards they have worked in Carves Solution in tea boy, while he was doing in B.Tech in Hyderabad support himself financially purpose.

Mukku Avinash Biography

 Full Name: Taraka Rama Rao Junior

Nick Name: Sudheer

 Profession: Actor

Mukku Avinash Bio data

Mukku Avinash Date of Birth: Np

Age: 40

Dob: Np

Mukku Avinash Place Of Birth: Karimnagar

Mukku Avinash Birth Place:

Height: 5’6

Weight: 55

Religion: Hindu

Country: Indian

Total Body Color: Milky White

Biceps: Np

Mukku Avinash Face Color: White

Hands Color: To White

Hairs Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black

Legs Color: White

Mukku Avinash Residence

Home Town: Hyd

Present Address: Hyd

Mukku Avinash Birth Place: Vijayawada

Mukku Avinash Born: Vijaywada

School Name : NP

College: Np

Mukku Avinash Family

Mukku Avinash Family details

Mother Name: Np

 Father Name : Np

 Hobbies: Np

Favorite Food: Grilled chicken

Mukku Avinash Marriage Date: Np

Ntr Wife Name : Np

 Wedding Date: Np

Mukku Avinash Son Name: Np

Brothers Name: Np

Cosign Name: Np

Grand Father Name: Np

Grand Mother Name: Np

Uncle Name: Np

Mukku Avinash Social Media

 Twitter: Not Known

 Face book: Not Known

Mukku Avinash Instagram: Not Known

 Marriage Date: Np

 Favorite Movie: Np

Favorite Book: Np

Favorite Actor: Sr. Ntr

Favorite colors: Blue, Black

Favorite Actress: Np

Favorite Country: India

Ntr Favorite State: Telangana

Favorite Sports: Np

Mukku Avinash Biography, Biodata, Height, Wife, Age, DoB, Family, BMW|

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