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Pawan Kalyan Son Name Mark Shankar Pawanovich

Pawan Kalyan Son Name Mark Shankar Pawanovich

As we know that Pawan Kalyan and Anna Lezhneva gave birth to a baby boy on 10th of October. The baby boy has already became popular in social media as his father named him Mark Shankar Pawanovich. Yes it’s a unique name and it means something you need to know. According to sources the name of the new born represents chirstianity by Mark and Pawnan kalyan’s love for his elder brother Chiranjeevi whose original name is Shiva Shanakara Vara Paasad by Shankar in the name and russian tradition by Pawanovich. Fans of the star were confused with this name as it sounds new but revolutionary as well.


Pawan Kalyan Son Name

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