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Pure Vegetable Masala Dosa Recipe How To Make | How to Prepare Dosa, |

Pure Vegetable Masala Dosa Recipe How To Make | How to Prepare Dosa, |.  Masala Dosa Recipe is a south Indian breakfast which is aromatic crisp toasted thin crepes. This is also can be made so easily and time saving recipe too so that it is available in many Tiffin centers. There are many kinds of dosas we can make in home itself for the morning breakfast or in the evening sometimes.

This masala dosa is different, like it is smooth brownish golden texture .There are several serving options too for this recipe. We can serve the delicious dosa with coconut chutney , veg kurma , potato chutney , sambar . There are many kinds of dosa’s too like Rava dosa , uttapam ,Onion dosa , Pesarattu , potato stuffed dosa , mysore masala dosa .

INGREDIENTS FOR Masala Dosa Recipe;
1/2 cup urad dal, 1 cup tspn chana dal, 1 1/2 raw rice , 2-3 spoons of onion , 1 /2 cup parboiled rice . ,1 teaspoon grated ginger , 1/2 teaspoon cumin , 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon crushed black pepper , 4 tbspn poha ,Non iodised.

2 cups of potatoes , 1 teaspoon of chana dal , 1 inch asafoedia ,salt as needed , 6 curry leaves , 2 tablespoons of corriander leaves , 2 to 2 1/2 cups of water , 1 tablespoon curd , 2 to 3 table spoons of oil ,1/8 tbspn of tumeric powder ,3/4 to 1 cup of onions .3.4 tbspn ginger .2 green chillies ,1 teaspoon of urad dal.

**Points to remember before making the Recipe :

> Dosa might be sticking to the pan make sure you apply the required amount of oil to the pan .

> Dosa batter should be added required amount of water to it . If its so thick dosa will be so dense add some more water to it .

>Dosa breaks sometimes but we can add few tsps of flour and water proportionally to avaoid running of batter on the pan . Pure Vegetable Masala Dosa Recipe How To Make | How to Prepare Dosa|

Preparation :

1. Add rava , rice flour , all-purpose flour salt , ginger , green chillies , corriander leaves , curry leaves to a bowl.

2. Add cumin , crushed leaves , onions and yogurt .

3. Add some water and bring the batter to the running consistancy . But not too much it may cause braking of dosa on the pan .

4. Taste the batter to check weather all the ingredients measure is proper in the mixture or not .

5. If using iron pan grease the pan well , if the oil is excess wipe it off .

1. Boil the potatoes and smash them .

2. Heat a pan with oil . then saute cumin , mastard ,chana dal , urad
dal , let the mixture turn to golden .

3. add , hing and ginger , fry untill the smell of ginger flavour comes out .

4. Then step by step add onions , curry leaves and chillies .

5. crumble the ptatoes and add them to the pan .Add turmeric and salt along the 2 tbspns of water .
6. Set it for 2 to 3 minutes and add coriander leaves for garnishing .and put this a side . And Check Out Below Pure Vegetable Masala Dosa Recipe How To Make | How to Prepare Dosa|

1. Heat the pan in a medium flame and wait for the pan reaches to certain heat .still then strir the batter properly.

2. Check the batter is enough runny and ready to be poured on the pan’

3. Pour the dosa batter on the pan in a circular motion, check if the level of the dosa is equal in all the sides . Keep filling gaps if needed. Let it get properly cooked on the pan and then place the potato stuff on the dosa pan .and spread it without damaging the softened part on dosa .

4. later , let it heat and add 1 tsp on oil. Let roast the dosa and peel it off by slowly folding the dosa . This masala dosa no need of cooking / roasted other size .

5. This Masala dosa is crispy and golden brownish in colour . Then take down it to a serving plate .

6. We can serve it with the chutney and have a fun of enjoying taste of masala dosa .
Pure Vegetable Masala Dosa Recipe How To Make | How to Prepare Dosa|

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