Watch Prathama Pourudu Short Film | Ravi Sree

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Watch Prathama Pourudu Short Film | Ravi Sree

Wow, Block Buster 2019 Short Film, Prathama Pourudu Short film is very Massive and this Film Story is very nice concept this Prathama Pourudu short film featuring from Ravi Sree his biggest Written & Director Ravi Sree, his a Biggest Celebrity in the telangana state side.

Prathama Pourudu is undoubtedly the biggest Super Mind Blowing hit short Flick in 2019. And This Story is very latest Fresh , eye opening and thought provoking after story line, dialogues are very impressive and make audience to take a bow. All actors acting is awesome and performed well. Main role of ravie sree gave a mesmerizing and magnificent performance in this Prathama Pourudu Short film.

This video bit that model leader Ravi Sree tries to motivate the voters is written and executed very well. Production values are normal but conveniencing bottom line. Prathama Pourudu is an award winning and hearts gaining short flick Watch & Enjoy the Prathama Pourudu Short film, this film was Released in Several Days back and this Prathama Pourudu short film delightful and public review as a marvelous , and every review was a given to positive and , they have asked to me we want more more this type of natural videos . Prathama Pourudu Short film talk is very stupendous talk. And this flick Written & Directed Ravi Sree. This Flick Written and Directed , story, screen Play totally Ravi Sree, Ravi Sree Acting and Talking Power is a gratifying.

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