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Gaur Gopal Das Biography, AGe, DoB, Height, Shows, Career, Family, Bio

Gaur Gopal Das Biography, AGe, DoB, Height, Shows, Career, Family, Bio  . Gaur Gopal das is a renowned person known for his exceptional work in coaching about life and motivational speeches. Formerly he was an engineer with a good amount of income but with a spark in his mind he turned life upside down and leads a perfect life today. He was born on 24th December 1973 in Maharashtra, India. He did his schooling from St. Jude high school dehuroad, pune, Maharashtra.

He did his diploma in electrical engineering from cusrow Wadia institute of technology Pune. After this he did his proper graduation in engineering from the college of engineering Pune. Only after this, he got a chance to work in Hewlett Packard. But his journey of life started when he left the job in 1996 and joined ISCKON.

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चाहे हम छोटे हो या बड़े, अमीर हो या गरीब, पड़ें लिखे हो या तथा कथित अनपढ़, बच्चे हो या बड़े, हम सब अपने अपने हिसाब से इस दुनिया में बदलाव ला सकते है। Whether small or big, rich or poor, educated or so called uneducated, young or grown ups, we can all make a difference in the world in our own way. Filming & editing: @shyamgopalshroff @kushhh_3010 #monday #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #dailyquotes #positivequotes #motivationalquotes #inspiringquotes #dailymotivation #dailyinspiration #dailywisdom #positivity #wellness #mentalhealth #happiness #love #takecharge #life #selfhelp #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #selfcare #selflove #relationships #relationshipgoals #lifesamazingsecrets #gaurgopaldas #thewayofthemonk #lifecoach

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Recently he published his book named as life’s amazing secrets. For this, he received an honorary doctorate by Kalinga institute of industrial technology. Now he is a Brahmachari at Radha Gopinath mandir Mumbai. After entering into the new world he dealt with many spiritual subjects. First, it was a bit difficult but slowly he got to know about the truths of life.

Almost he had spent 22 years there itself in the way for propagating the antiquity of ancient philosophy, that’s ACHINTY BHEDA ABHEDA. Hdevted himself in making others’ lives beautiful, wonderful and vibrant.

He noticed the jeopardy of, mental and physical health of people and try to comprehend the modernity of contemporary psychology and as a result, he became a life coach for many. Not only India overall the world he has a huge number of followers. Moreover, he id the disciple of Radhanath swami.

He shares his legible thoughts and wisdom with people so that inculcating such god thoughts can enter into the minds. After all, the mind is the creator and destroyer too.

The world kidney day spotted him as a chief guest and he gave a terrifying speech at the vevent.

He got the golden opportunity to speak and share the stage with DALAI LAMA, at Delhi. He spoke at the red brick summit as “SO OBVIOUS YET SO OBLIVION”. BEING A MONK HIS BENEVOLENT HEART ALWAYS DESIRED TO DO GOOD TO OTHERS WITHOUT BEING CHARGED ANYTHING FROM THE AUDIENCE. And Check Out Below Gaur Gopal Das Biography, AGe, DoB, Height, Shows, Career, Family, Bio

Gaur Gopal Das Original Name : Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das

Short Name : Gaur Gopal Prabhu

Face Color : Whtie

Legs Color : White

Eyes Color : Light Black

Hairs Color : Black

Height : 5’9

Weight : 56

Gaur Gopal Das Date Of Birth : 24th December 1973

Neck Color : White

Fingers Color : White

Gaur Gopal Das Family Details

Father Name : We Will Update Soon

Mother Name : We Will Update Soon

Sisters Name : We Will Update Soon

Brothers Name : We Will Update Soon

Grand Father Name : We Will Update Soon

Grand Mother Names : We Will Update Soon

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Gaur Gopal Das Biography, AGe, DoB, Height, Shows, Career, Family, Bio

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