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Greatest & Super Heros Informantion Here (India) BHAGAT SINGH,SUKHDEV|

Greatest & Super Heros Informantion Here (India) BHAGAT SINGH,SUKHDEV| . MARTYR’S DAY is been observed six times a year. there are 6 days which are celebrated as a tribute to all the martyr’s who laid their souls in the fight of Indian independence. these six days is been dedicated to different martyrs.

The president, prime minister, vice-minister and defence minister offer wreath to the samadhi which is at raj ghat emorial Delhi all the tri-defence service AND inter-service contingent soldiers salute to the brave hearts and follow a two minutes silence. But this year the devil CONVID-19 confined everyone to their homes and this tributary act remained unfinished.

23rd March is known for the death anniversary of BHAGAT SINGH, SUKHDEV AND SHIVRAM rajguru. So there’s a summary about the shaheed diwas. Lala Lajpat rai was a revolutionist who led a protest against Simon Commission in which he was severely injured and this led to death. this invoked bhagat Singh to take an act of revenge against the British colonials.

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With help of other revolutionists Rajguru , Chandrashekar Azad, and Sukhdev, they together planned to kill superintendent of police James Scott who ordered lathi charge on Lala Lajpat Rai. They mistook John P Saunders as James Scott and was shot dead by Rajguru and Bhagat Singh. Azad shot chahnan Singh who was trying to chase bhagat and rajguru. Greatest & Super Heros Informantion Here (India) BHAGAT SINGH,SUKH|


Bhagat Singh was again caught by British colonials in a bomb attack on Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi. they were agitating for the Trade Dispute Act and the Public Safety Bill and shouted “INQUILAB ZINDABAD”, which led to their arrest.

Sukhdev got arrested in a mysterious searching of bomb factory by Britishers in Lahore and Saharanpur. Sukhdev got arrested for different assault but all the three bhagat singh, Sukhdev and rajguru arrested and were hanged to death for the assassination of john saunders. They were supposed to be hanged on 24 march but were hanged a day before. Greatest & Super Heros Informantion Here (India) BHAGAT SINGH,SUKH|

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