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How To Make Rava Idli Recipe & Ingredients | How To Prepare Idle Recpe

How To Make Rava Idli Recipe & Ingredients | How To Prepare Idle Recpe  .  Rava Idli recipe is a south Indian breakfast which is soft and light quickly cooked .  This is also can be made so easily and time saving recipe too so that it is available in many Tiffin Centres. There are many kinds of idles we can make in home itself for the morning breakfast or in the evenings sometimes.

This rava idle is different, like it is very soft texture can be said as the steamed cakes . There are several serving options too for this recipe . We can serve the delicious Dosa with coconut chutney , Sambar .


1/2 chana dal , 2-3 spoons of onion , 1 green chillies chopped ,1 teaspoon grated ginger , 1/2 teaspoon cumin , 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon crushed black pepper , 3/4 teaspoon salt , 2 tablespoons of corriander leaves , 2 to 2 1/2 cups of water , 1 tablespoon curd , 2 to 3 table spoons of oil .1 tea spoon lemon juice , 1/2 Spoons ghee , 1 cup semolina .

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Rava Idli | Rava Idli Recipe | Suji Idli Recipe | Instant Idli View full Recipe Rava Idli recipe also know as Suji Idli Recipe is an instant version of Idli for anytime hunger. Even Rava Idli recipe can be prepared with different variations of your choice with including vegetables and masala. But here presenting plain white Suji Idli recipe which can be prepared within minutes. Suji Idli or Rava Idli is generally served with Sambar and coconut chutney or other different kinds of choice chutney. Total Time: 50 minutes (Prep time 35 mins + Cook time 15 mins) Course: Breakfast Cuisine: Indian Servings: 2 People Ingredients • 1 Cup Suji (Rava / Semolina) • 1 Cup Curd • Salt as per taste • ½ Tbsp Eno (Fruit salt) • Water as Required • Cashew for Garnishing Instructions 1.) Firstly take a kadai and roast semolina for a few minutes. 2.) Secondly, rest semolina till cool in room temperature. 3.) Moreover, add curd and mix well. 4.) Then cover with a lid and rest in a warm place till 20-30 minutes. 5.) Furthermore, add water as required and mix gently. 6.) Then add eno and salt and mix till better go fluffy. 7.) Now immediately fill all this better on idli stand. And garnish with some cashews. 8.) Then place this idli stand to idli cooker which already preheated with water inside for 5 minutes. Cook idli for atleast 15 minutes. 9.) Furthermore, transfer the idli in serving plate and sprinkle some red chilli powder and serve hot. #idli #ravaidli #instantidli #idlirecipe #southindianrecipe #southindiancuisine #recipe #recipes #easyrecipe #easyrecipes #recipeoftheday #instarecipe #yumm #cooking #recipeshare #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #quickrecipe #foodblogger #foodphotography #recipeblog #foodinsta #instafood #indianfood #indianrecipe #indianrecipes #foodiesofindia #indvegrecipe #foodphotos

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**Points to remember before making the recipe :

> idli’s might be sticking to the pan make sure you apply the required amount of oil / ghee to the idli pans .

Idli batter should be added required amount of water to it . If its so idli will be so dense add some more water to it . We can also some golden roasted cashew nuts to the batter after greasing gee/ oil to the pan and putting batter on the lids. And Check Out How To Make Rava Idli Recipe & Ingredients | How To Prepare Idle Recipe|

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Preparation :

1. After the Rava is cooled and add salt 2 -3 tbspns and coriander leaves, 3/4 cup curd and half cup of water

2. Mix the batter to the uniform and set it aside for 30 mins .

3. After 25 mins grease the plates and place a cashew in each of the moulds .

4. Also we can sprinkle carrots set the side.


1. Heat the pan in a medium flame and put all the batter in the idli lids by greasing the bottoms with oil/ghee.

2. Check the batter is equally spread and smooth .

3. Place the idle lids into the pressure cooker and leave it for 20 -25 mins .

4. later , let it cool for the 3-4 mins and demould them into serving plate by a wet spoon .

5. This rava idle is soft and fluffy and white and filled with some cashews garnished make it interesting .Then take down it to a serving plate .

6. We can serve it with the chutney , Sambar and have a fun of enjoying taste of rava idli .

How To Make Rava Idli Recipe & Ingredients | How To Prepare Idle Recipe|

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