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Yash Shared Lovely Note About His Daughter


Wow Super News about sandal Wood Cool and Best Couple yash and Radhika Pandit Blessed with a baby Girl on Sunday that day is a very Chipped day on Sunday in early hours in Bengaluru Private hospital. after knowing the News family Best Friends and Enterley Fans Clubs are showering love and blessings to newborn baby girl.

And The Baby was Born 20 Days Earlier than Private Hospital Doctors given date both mother and little baby health is good source revealed. Afterwards Yash wish is to have girl child and Radhika Pandit wish is to have a baby boy, but Yash dreams came true it is a Mind blowing News Friends.

After Becoming Father, Yash has a big shared a lovely post about his Daughter and expressed the love of a little child in his Solid words. He has posted of his Daughter holding his finger ” The Little hand.


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Yash Shared Lovely Note About His Daughter yash post




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